Our mission
is to rehabilitate individuals
and heal families affected by
alcohol dependence,
drug dependence
mental illness.

  • Vocational Services

    Providing assistance to get a job and keep a job. Read about Vocational Services.

  • Adult Programs

    Adult Programs

    Adult outpatient services include individual & group counseling, opiate substitution treatment, & parenting classes.Read about Adult Programs→

  • Youth Programs and Services

    Youth Services

    Our youth programs include prevention, education, treatment, and wraparound services. Read about Youth Services→

  • Pregnancy Services

    Pregnancy & Family Services

    We provide a full range of services for pregnant women and families, including parenting classes. Read about Pregnancy & Family Services→

  • Veterans Outreach Program

    Female Veteran

    Every year, thousands of veterans receive little or no treatment for their mental health issues. The US Army estimates that only 40% of veterans experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) seek help. Since 2010, THS has provided enhanced outreach to veterans to help them access their benefits and other needed services, including medical care and mental health treatment.

  • In the News

    THS awarded $150,000 Best Starts For Kids Youth and Family Homelessness Prevention Initiative Grant
    THS is proud to announce it is one of 27 local non-profit agencies awarded a $150,000 grant through the Youth and Family Homelessness Prevention Initiative RFP to provide client-centered case management and flexible funds to youth ages 12-24 and families with youth who are at imminent risk of homelessness.

  • Layne Staley Memorial Fund

    Layne Staley

    This fund provides hope, education, support and treatment funds for heroin recovery in the Seattle music community, through THS.

  • 2016 A/DIS Classes are taking place

    What is A/DIS?

    Alcohol and Drug Information School (A/DIS) is a specialized educational course that helps individuals make more informed decisions about substance use.

    Classes take place at our Eastside and Summit Branches throughout 2017.