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Therapeutic Health Services provides a wide range of treatment, counseling, outreach and case management programs serving at-risk, low-income children, youth, young adults and their families. Building on 40 years of experience providing substance use and mental health treatment to adults in the Puget Sound area, THS has expertise working with a richly diverse youth population. Our unique “wraparound” approach engages everyone in a young person’s life: parents, family members, teachers and friends who help build a network of support encouraging success.

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Healing and Recovery for Young People and Their Families

Being a young person offers a lot of challenges; the stress of school, relationships, fast-changing emotions, and all the pressures of entering adulthood. At THS, we get it. We understand that every youth requires support that meets them where they are, whether they’re facing mental health or substance use challenges, or they need help in school, improving their relationships with peers and family, reducing involvement in the juvenile justice system or finding stable housing. THS is here and ready to help.

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Program Features

Healthy Mind, Healthy Future

Our mental health counselors provide counseling and treatment to low-income, high-risk youth ages 5 to 20 and their families. Our team can help a youth and their family address mental health issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, the pains of grief and loss, and much more. For youth who struggle with substance use, our evidence-based treatments are delivered by dedicated, caring, and highly skilled staff of substance use disorder professionals, case managers, nurses, physicians, and psychiatrists.

Our Staff: Diversity and Experience

Our youth mental health and substance use disorder team members are experienced, caring, and compassionate credible messengers who, in many cases, have faced the same challenges as the youth they support. THS has a proven track record working with the diversity of youth and their families that make up our community. We ensure that our staff know how to best reach our patents so we can help them reach their personal goals.

Support That Works, Delivered by People Who Care

Evidence-based, proven, and effective interventions form the basis of counseling at Therapeutic Health Services. Our experienced team of counselors help patients explore recovery tools and develop the skills they need to meet their goals. We recognize that treatment is not a linear process, sometimes youth and young adults stumble. We’re here with a helping hand (and no judgement) to get them back on their feet and on the pathway to recovery. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to be connected to treatment.

Recovery Starts With An Assessment

Every new patient at THS takes time with a counselor to explore the challenges they’re facing and how we can support the recovery process. The assessment shapes an individualized treatment plan outlining the patient’s health goals. Treatment plans play to the patient’s unique needs and strengths, while helping the individual in recovery to build on their own resiliency.

Watch the video to learn about taking the First Step to Recovery.

The mental health program helped my daughter a lot. It really helped her develop a new way of looking at the world and create a healthy new future.


This program helped me stop my drug use before it got out of hand. I’m sure where I would have ended up without this program, but I’m so grateful it was here.


Youth Services

Youth Mental Health

Providing compassionate counseling and accessible mental health services to youth and young adults.

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Youth Substance Use

Helping young people move past substance use to create healthy mindsets and a path to wellness.

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Integrated Cognitive Therapies Program

An innovative program that brings together mental health counseling and substance use therapy in one room.

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Outreach & Youth Development

Reaching youth and young adults where they are and working with them to develop pathways to success.

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Wraparound With Intensive Services (WISe)

A unique and impactful program that brings together a team of caring adults to give participants the support they need.

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Multisystemic Therapy

Multisystemic Therapy provides intensive family/home-based intervention services for youth with complex emotional, social and academic needs.

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