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Youth Programs
Mental Health
Substance Use
Youth Programs
Mental Health
Substance Use

Veteran’s Services


Funded by the King County Veteran’s Services Levy, THS Veteran’s Outreach Specialists help veterans access the benefits they earned through their military service. Our Specialists can assist in the upgrade of the veteran’s discharge status which in many cases allows them to access a higher amount of benefit dollars or access to new benefits.

Services We Help With

THS Veteran’s Outreach Specialists can provide access to the services below:

  • Disability Compensation
  • Military Pension
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Education Benefits
  • Burial Benefits
  • Housing Loan Assistance

In addition to helping with veteran’s benefits, our Outreach Specialists can assist veterans who are homeless to become more stably housed.

Behavioral Health for Veterans

Veterans often suffer from a range of behavioral health needs; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), substance use disorder, co-occurring mental health needs, anxiety, depression and more. Our Veterans Outreach Specialists can help connect veterans to behavioral health services with the Veterans Health Administration, or at our facilities. We accept TriCare and can provide a range of services to meet veterans behavioral health needs.

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