Outreach & Youth Development

THS strives to connect youth and young adults to support that meets them where they are and shows them a path toward where they want to be. Whether that’s linking them to mental health and substance use treatment or providing opportunities for pro-social skill development, we’re here to connect and develop.

THS Staff typically practice “nontraditional” methods of counseling, i.e., it is not uncommon for staff to have individual sessions in a park or on a basketball court in school just as often as in their offices. Many youth in treatment have had prior, unsuccessful encounters with systems and they may have a myriad of trust issues. Which is why THS Staff do their best to engage them in a variety of settings and not solely in the traditional, in-office, behind the desk individual or group session.

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Youth Engagement

The Youth Engagement Program provides effective prevention and intervention strategies for at-risk youth with a goal to prevent or reduce more serious illness, high-risk behaviors, juvenile justice system involvement and other emergency medical or crisis responses. Youth are challenged to embrace their own inherent resiliency and encouraged to succeed in school/work, fulfill their legal obligations and decrease substance use and other risky behaviors. YEP staff are experienced delivering culturally enhanced and relevant services to BIPOC and LGBTQIA youth and are adept at linking underserved youth to treatment and other services and resources.

We’re working with students in grades 6-12, educating them, giving them the skills they need to be successful, not just in school but in everyday life and as they move forward in life.

Rob (Central Youth Development Program Administrator)

There was a large educational benefit, but I think for me I really appreciated being able to create relationships and better the relationships I had with other program students