Person-Centered Care

The goal of Person-Centered Care is to discover the kind of life a person desires, creates a plan for how their dreams may be achieved, and identifies ways to access needed supports and services. The focus is always on the vision of what the person would like to be and do. The planning focuses on the strengths of the person rather than his/her weaknesses.

The process brings together the people who are committed to helping the person articulate his/her future vision. The people who care most deeply about this individual are called together to form a team to contribute ideas, solutions, connections and action steps to achieve goals.

Person Centered Planning allows individuals to create a path to having the life they want, giving an individual control over their own life decisions and helping to identify who is involved in a person’s life. Plans are designed according to the individual, with the goal of making it accessible to the individual and the people in their life.

THS staff collaborate with individual patients or program participants to create a customized care plan and update the plan as necessary.

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African american counselor sitting across client, engaging in a way that conveys a patient centered care model