Cultural Humility –
Care With Consideration

Cultural humility is the ability to maintain an interpersonal stance that is open to another person in relation to aspects of cultural identity that are most important to that person. 

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THS Seeks to Serve the Needs of the Diverse Puget Sound Community By:

Hiring staff at every level and recruiting board members who serve as credible messengers to the people we serve. Patients and participants are more likely to engage with staff and other clinicians who look like them, speak like them and who, in many cases, have shared life experiences. We also seek to teach our staff to develop a sense of cultural humility in their functions at THS.

A commitment to self- and organizational evaluation, critique and education, realizing we as individual providers and as an organization are never finished learning. We are humble and flexible, but bold enough to look at ourselves critically and desire to learn more with the goal of furthering our understanding and practice of cultural humility.

A dedication to fixing power imbalances and disparities where none ought to exist. We recognize that each person brings something different to the table and this helps us see the value of each person. The patient is the expert on his or her own life, symptoms and strengths. We collaborate and learn from those we serve and offer our expertise and experience to achieve the best outcomes.

Aspiring to develop partnerships with people and groups who advocate for others. Cultural humility, by definition, is larger than our individual selves — we must advocate for it systemically.