Ericka's Story

Ericka and her story exemplify what it means to be a patient at Therapeutic Health Services. She receives both Opioid Use Treatment as well as Mental Health care. Together these two services overlap to create whole-health wellness in our clients. Together with her Opioid Use Treatment counselor, Richard and her Mental Health Counselor, Ambyr, Ericka has built a life for herself that she could only dream of.

Ericka came to THS in 2015, eager to enter treatment with us. She’d made previous attempts at entering treatment but wasn’t able to gain the personal traction needed to reach the goals set out for her. This time was different, this time Ericka stayed on it to reach sobriety and meet her goals in the five years since. Wanting to help others like her reach their best health, Ericka is starting her bachelors’ program in human services with the eventual goal of becoming a counselor herself. Hear her amazing story of changing her life, healing her family, and creating a bright future for herself.

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