Do you offer Mental Health groups?2023-11-07T11:42:58-08:00

Yes! THS offers both virtual and in-person Mental Health groups for individuals who are currently enrolled in Mental Health services with us. Click here to learn more about the benefits of participating in groups and see which groups we’re currently offering.

What Types of Alcohol & Drug Assessments in King and Snohomish counties does THS provide?2021-07-22T20:40:53-07:00
  • DUI/Reckless Driving infractions
  • DOC Intakes/Evaluations
  • Family Court – Custody Evaluations
  • Employee Assistant Program referrals
  • CPS and Family Court assessments and evaluations

We are committed to providing a thorough and timely assessment. To assist patients, we have a collaborative relationship with various probation, attorneys, and courts within the King County and Snohomish County areas.

Does THS Provide Medication Management?2021-07-22T20:39:30-07:00

Yes we do, but if you are seeking to enter treatment there are some important things to remember:

Please note, the intake clinician does not provide medication prescriptions, and referral for those services cannot happen until a patient is enrolled in services and meeting regularly with their assigned clinician. This may take several weeks. If you are running out of your current medication, please speak with your current prescriber to ensure you have adequate refills since we cannot guarantee when you will be scheduled for your first appointment with a psychiatric practitioner at THS. If you are not in contact with your prescriber and need your medication, please contact an urgent care clinic or behavioral urgent care clinic near you.

We cannot guarantee any medications will be prescribed as part of your treatment at THS once you are referred for psychiatric services, as that is a decision made at the discretion of our psychiatric practitioners

What’s the difference between Suboxone and Methadone?2021-07-22T20:38:03-07:00

Methadone is typically provided through our dispensary and is generally for those patients who are high risk for chronic severe opioid dependence where individuals inject more than a gram per day. Methadone is also a full agonist where it requires medically supervised withdrawal and maintenance that is in tandem with additional treatment and psychosocial support.

Suboxone has the combination of Naltrexone and Buprenorphine and is antagonist (Naltrexone) and partial agonist at the mu-Opioid Receptor. It is a prescribed medication where the treatment is focused on prevention of potential relapse due to opioid dependence that is either moderate to severe, and generally beneficial for those individuals who smoke or intermittently inject heroin that is less than a gram per day. Suboxone is also medically supervised through withdrawal management.

How do I help someone I’m working with transition to care at THS?2021-07-22T20:37:13-07:00

The easiest way to help someone enter treatment at THS is to complete a Get Help Form entry for them. Visit here to complete our form [Insert Link Here]

You can also call our appointment line at 1-833-278-4357

To follow-up on a Get Help form entry, please submit a form and then follow up with a call to our appointment line at 1-833-278-4357


What are your present job openings?2021-07-22T20:33:04-07:00

Visit our employment page for more information [Insert Link Here]

What’s different about methadone?2021-07-22T20:25:34-07:00

Like other opioids – heroin, Vicodin®, oxycontin®, Vicodin® or fentanyl – too much methadone can be harmful. Unlike these drugs, methadone effects start slow and take time to reach full effect. Methadone stays in the body much longer than other opioids. MAT clinical staff will start a patient on a low dose of methadone and will gradually increase the dose over time. This increases the total amount accumulated in the body.

What address do I send donations to?2021-07-22T20:24:12-07:00

Please address donations to:

Therapeutic Health Services
1116 Summit Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Please address checks to “Therapeutic Health Services”

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