Pregnant & Parenting Program

Parents in recovery have two big hills to climb: taking care of themselves and taking care of their children. Focusing first on the recovery of the mother, our Pregnant and Parenting Program helps mothers-to-be deliver healthy babies and helps parents develop the skills they need to build healthy lives for their families. We help mothers and families move past substance use challenges in a way that is focused on compassion and quality care. Primary care needs and specific women’s health issues are addressed by our Women’s Wellness Program.

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Program Features


The THS Pregnancy and Family Recovery Program provides services to pregnant women which includes counseling on:

  • Women’s General Health Issues
  • Domestic Violence
  • Parenting Skills
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Reproductive Health Issues
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Family Issues

Additional Supports

  • Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Access to a Public Health Nurse
  • WIC Program
  • Prenatal Groups
  • Recovery Skills Groups
  • Family Support Groups
  • Women’s Issues Group

Individual and group counseling and at-home strategies involve both parents whenever possible with the goals of reducing use and improving parenting and relationship skills.

Parenting With THS

In order to best support the many families and parents who receive service at THS, we put together a video series that provides helpful tips and ideas for how to care for kids. We recognize that Covid-19 has left a major impact on the lives of many and we hope these videos and the links found on each page can be helpful resources for all.

My treatment has helped me become a better mother to my children. I can provide for my family and stay healthy and clean.


If it weren’t for my treatment I would have lost my child, thanks to the care I receive and the work I’ve done, I’m on a road to success.