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Alcohol & Other Drugs

Addiction is America’s #1 health care problem. Therapeutic Health Services (THS) is a nationally accredited, non-profit organization offering a wide range of treatment options for individuals, youth and families struggling with substance use. We provide evidence-based treatment for people suffering from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Since 1972 we have helped people in King and Snohomish Counties recover from addiction. Lives are restored and hope is renewed as more of our patients begin to lead the lives they were meant to live.

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Compassionate Evidence-Based Treatment

Our Substance Use Treatment Program offers evidence-based counseling and compassionate support for anyone who has trouble with alcohol or drug use. We empower our patients with the tools they need to recover and move beyond the negative impact of alcohol or other drugs.

What Types of Alcohol & Drug Assessments in King and Snohomish counties does THS provide?2021-07-22T20:40:53-07:00
  • DUI/Reckless Driving infractions
  • DOC Intakes/Evaluations
  • Family Court – Custody Evaluations
  • Employee Assistant Program referrals
  • CPS and Family Court assessments and evaluations

We are committed to providing a thorough and timely assessment. To assist patients, we have a collaborative relationship with various probation, attorneys, and courts within the King County and Snohomish County areas.

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Program Features

Counseling That Works, Delivered by People Who Care

Evidence-based, proven and effective interventions form the basis of counseling at Therapeutic Health Services. Our experienced team of counselors help patients explore recovery tools and develop the skills they need to meet their goals. We recognize that treatment is not a linear process, sometimes our patients stumble. We’re here with a helping hand (and no judgement) to get them back on their feet and on the pathway to recovery. If you want to hear more about how successful our pathways to recovery are, please check out our patient stories here. These stories of compassionate care and effective treatment show the change in life our services can bring.

Accessible, Affordable Care

We accept all Medicaid/Apple Health plans, Medicare and most private health insurance plans for our Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services. We provide self-pay, payment assistance and sliding-fee scale options based on a patient’s income where the cost of care is adjusted to match a patient’s income.

Youth Substance Use Treatment

THS also provides substance use services for youth and their families.

Learn more about our Youth Substance Use Services.

Recovery Starts With an Assessment

Every new patient at THS takes time with a counselor to explore the challenges they’re facing and how we can support the recovery process. The assessment shapes an individualized treatment plan outlining the patient’s health goals. Treatment plans play to the patient’s unique needs and strengths, while helping the individual in recovery to build on their own resiliency.

Watch the video to learn about taking the First Step to Recovery.

21 days is not enough time to get treatment, counseling, support groups and all the things you need to get and stay sober. THS has given me the tools I need to stay healthy and live a full life.


Treatment has given me a good sense of well-being, and a centered feeling again. I felt like myself thanks to the care and support I get here.

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