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Youth Programs
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Youth Programs
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Patient Stories

covid-19 vaccine

Get Your Covid-19 Vaccine!

The Covid-19 Vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective. More than 256 million doses have been administered and the number is growing day by day. With CDC guidelines permitting people with their vaccine to do more and visit more places, it’s never been a better time to get a vaccine. The CDC has created a helpful tool to help people find a vaccine site near them. There are lots of options, people can simply type in their zip more..

2020: Year in Review

It’s difficult to call 2020 a wonderful year, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t tell wonderful stories. Check out some of our videos, and posts from 2020. Touching stories of recovery, declarations of support and solidarity, and a video showing how easy it is to find the care someone is looking for. Scott’s Story – The Courage to Recover At the beginning of 2020 we had the opportunity to showcase Scott’s Story. His experience facing the pain and suffering brought more..

Ericka's Story - Ericka smiles

Ericka’s Story

Ericka and her story exemplify what it means to be a patient at Therapeutic Health Services. She receives both Opioid Use Treatment as well as Mental Health care. Together these two services overlap to create whole-health wellness in our clients. Together with her Opioid Use Treatment counselor, Richard and her Mental Health Counselor, Ambyr, Ericka has built a life for herself that she could only dream of. Ericka came to THS in 2015, eager to enter treatment with us. She’d more..

Patient and Counselor, Brenda and Paula

Looking Back: Brenda’s Story

Looking Back Update It’s been one year since we first shared Brenda’s story. We caught up with her to see how things were going. She’s still receiving treatment with THS and still enjoying working with Paula. As Brenda says; “Paula is still my favorite person…I love her dearly, we get along like real family members, we get along great.” Brenda is healthy and well, still loving all the good things life has blessed her with since she stopping using. Read more..

Betty, patient at THS. Hers is a story of recovery through time.

Looking Back: Betty’s Story – Recovery Through Time

One-Year Check-Up We had a chance to check-in with Betty, a patient of Summit/Seneca Branch whose story we told a year ago in a patient story video. Betty is doing well and staying healthy in this time of uncertainty. Betty is in the high-risk group for Covid-19, but her local neighbor community has really rallied around the challenge and she and her neighbors are getting help picking up groceries and such. As Betty puts it, she’s really thriving right now. more..

Hands holding, supporting each other. Debra

Looking Back: Debra’s Story

The story below was originally posted in April of 2019. We want everyone to know about Debra and her story of overcoming a lifetime of addiction and health struggles, to create the life she always wanted. A Hard Start Debra had a hard start in life. She was born addicted to heroin, her parents were both users before she was born. At the age of 13, Debra decided she was going to try heroin. Debra asked her father to shoot more..

Kelly in front of a white background

Kelly’s Story – Eager to Change

Kelly’s story, sadly, is one we’ve heard too often before. She grew up in a home where her parents often did drugs, started using meth as a teenager and ran into trouble with the law at a young age. As an alternative to jail time, she entered into the King County Drug Court program, where eligible defendants (generally low-level and non-violent offenders) can choose to receive substance use treatment instead of going to trial. Upon successful graduation from the two more..

PBS Frontline Logo

Chasing Heroin – PBS Frontline Documentary

In 2016, THS was able to collaborate with the producers of PBS’ Frontline series on a documentary entitled “Chasing Heroin.” Many of the people featured in the documentary are THS patients. The documentary also outlines how over-prescription of opioids led to the current national epidemic. This vivid and compelling film shows the despair of heroin users and how Seattle-based agencies and community members are working to serve these people in need. Medication-Assisted Treatment (Methadone, Suboxone®) As seen in the document, Medication-Assisted Treatment more..


Scott’s Story – The Courage to Recover

Meeting Scott When you talk with Scott, you hear a guy that knows his mind and can explain where he’s coming from. With every question his response breaks down his experience and tells his story. He makes it easy to relate to each of his challenges and the hard work it took to overcome them. Scott started using heroin when he was 15. He didn’t achieve sobriety until age 38. “I’ve been going at it since I was 15. Got more..

2019 Year in Review

THS 2019 Year in Review

The Therapeutic Health Services team had a great year, especially on our website, where we saw a 118% increase in total web traffic! You have our sincerest thanks for visiting our site, sharing us, and connecting to care with us. We wanted to take a moment to compile some of the great stories, videos, and posts we shared in 2019. Patient Stories Brenda’s Story – Recovering from Opioid Addiction – Brenda’s fall into opioid use stripped her life of the more..