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Youth Programs
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Pregnant & Parenting

Parents in recovery have two big hills to climb: taking care of themselves and taking care of their children.

Focusing first on the recovery of the mother, our Pregnant and Parenting Program (P3) helps mothers-to-be deliver healthy babies. Primary care needs and specific women’s health issues are addressed by our Women’s Wellness Program.

Individual and group counseling and at-home strategies involve both parents whenever possible with the goals of reducing use and improving parenting and relationship skills.

Our Pregnant and Parenting Program works with families with children age 17 and younger. We can refer children with behavioral health issues to our Youth & Family programs and services.

If you have questions about this program, please call 206-323-0930 extension 1281.

If you need help right away, fill out our Help Form and a clinician will contact you within 24 hours.

Pregnant & Parenting Posts

parents seeking treatment for pregnant women

Treatment For Pregnant Women And Mothers – Nurturing Parenting

Therapeutic Health Services Pregnant & Parenting Women’s Program Offers a parenting group called Nurturing Parenting. Nurturing Parenting uses an evidence-based curriculum. The program admits clients who are parenting and/or pregnant and are engaged in treatment for substance abuse. Treatment for pregnant women can be challenging but is a huge step in rehabilitation and reunification of the family. Nurturing Parenting works on building and establishing trusting relationships between parent and child. It also explores the hardships and successes of parenting during more..

Expectant woman seeking treatment during pregnancy

Pregnant & Parenting Women FAQ

Therapeutic Health Services locations at Summit/Seneca, Shoreline, Eastside and Everett provide specific treatment for pregnant and parenting women who suffer from substance use disorder and opiate addiction. Our counselors have considerable knowledge and experience working with: CPS and Family Court assessments and evaluations Parenting groups and classes Public health nurses WIC Inpatient services Pregnancy and methadone What are the steps to have an assessment? The first step is to contact and schedule assessments at the front desk. Let the front more..