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teaching kids from home

Parenting With THS: Teaching From Home

Learn from Kathi and Michelle about different tips and tricks for teaching kids from home while staying well. Covid-19 has put a lot of pressure on families to continue their child’s education and Kathi and Michelle have some ideas for making this time effective and healthy for the whole family. Additional resources are below.

Videos on Home schooling and working from home

Teaching At Home during COVID-19 Online-Resources

For teachers and students, remote learning during COVID-19 poses challenges, stokes creativity

Teaching Kids at Home during Coronavirus: Pro Tips from Homeschoolers

101 free resources for home-schooling during COVID crisis

Family resource hotline-EPIC

Amazing Educational Resources Public Website

Teacher approved apps for children

Khan Academy offers free educational lessons-does asks for donations if applicable

Working From Home with Children during COVID-19

Coronavirus Triple Duty: Working, Parenting, And Teaching From Home

Resources for Helping Kids and Parents Cope Amidst COVID-19

Teaching kids at home due to coronavirus? Homeschooling moms share their tips

How to keep your child safe online while stuck at home during the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19: your voices against stigma and discrimination (extension of the your child is safe online, article)

Help children aged 2 to 4 to learn at home during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Keep Children Learning While School’s Out free math games

Hungry little Minds

Homeschooling: Tips on teaching your kids

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