In a time of unprecedented challenges and need, Therapeutic Health Services’ Youth & Family Program is here to support the youth and families of our community.  Youth struggling with heightened levels of anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness brought on by the pandemic and exacerbated by isolation caused by the cancellation of in-person schooling, need quality behavioral health care. Our youth mental health and substance use disorder team members are experienced, caring and compassionate credible messengers who, in many cases, have faced the same challenges as the youth they support. THS has a proven track record working with the diversity of youth and their families that make up our community. We’d like to introduce you to some new members of our team who are here to help.

CELIA ARAUZ, YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM SUPERVISOR – Celia, a licensed Mental Health Counselor and currently a Doctoral Student, PSY.D. in Clinical Psychology and holder of dual M.A. degrees in Psychology and Mental Health Counseling, brings to THS a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Youth Mental Health Program.  Most recently in her roles as Clinical Supervisor, Program Manager and Supervisor at Consejo, Celia has a solid track record of maintaining a high standard of care for youth and families engaged in mental health services.

FABIAN MILLER, SUDP – Fabian, Clinical Supervisor of the Youth Outpatient Program, is experienced in working with youth who are justice system involved, struggling in school or are experiencing homelessness.  An expert in delivering the Seven Challenges curriculum, Fabian ensures individual and group counseling sessions contain valuable trainings in life and coping skills as well as strengths-based decision-making and relapse prevention skills.

TUJUANA HORTON, YOUTH & FAMILY PROGRAM MANAGER – Tujuana, another THS veteran, provides managerial and administrative oversight and coordination for these programs, as well as our Multi-Systemic Therapy program and an array of other specialized programs and services which address homelessness, youth development and youth engagement.

During the pandemic, Therapeutic Health Services conforms to the highest public health standards in the delivery of our behavioral health standards. We are delivering individual and group sessions via telehealth.  At all branch locations, including our Youth & Family – Seattle site, all staff and patients wear mandatory face coverings at all times and adequate physical distancing is possible when in-person sessions are needed.

Youth & Family – Seattle – 1901 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S., Seattle – (206) 322-7676

Do You Want Connect a Youth and their Family With Our Services?
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