It’s difficult to call 2020 a wonderful year, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t tell wonderful stories. Check out some of our videos, and posts from 2020. Touching stories of recovery, declarations of support and solidarity, and a video showing how easy it is to find the care someone is looking for.

Scott’s Story – The Courage to Recover

At the beginning of 2020 we had the opportunity to showcase Scott’s Story. His experience facing the pain and suffering brought about by opioid and heroin addiction highlights the struggle thousands have faced. His story shows the courage to recover as he faced down unbelievable odds in pursuit of better health and a better life. Click here to watch his story:

Kelly’s Story – Eager to Change

Kelly had a difficult start to life, her parent’s used drugs and she herself became addicted to alcohol and meth, eventually running into trouble with the law. It was when she entered the King County Drug Court program with Therapeutic Health Services, she started receiving the treatment and structure she needed. Now living a clean and sober life, Kelly is a hard-working restaurant manager with new opportunities on the way. Hear her story by clicking here:

Black Lives Matter Solidarity

Therapeutic Health Services was founded with the goal of serving anyone in need of help, providing the highest quality care that takes each person’s unique background and life experiences into consideration. That’s why when the Black Lives Matter movement rapidly accelerated in 2020, sweeping the nation with an awakening anger at the toxic racism plaguing America, we chose to demonstrate our solidarity and support for the movement. Read our statement of support here:

Ericka’s Story – Partnering With THS

Ericka’s story, produced in Fall of 2020, demonstrates how receiving Opioid Use Treatment and Mental Health care together can overlap to create whole-health wellness in our patients. Hear from Ericka on how her two counselors work together to give her the support that’s helped her get her life on track. Ericka is now on her way to becoming a counselor, she wants to be the resource people call on to help themselves move past addiction and start a bright new future. Watch her video here:

First Step to Recovery

A lot people who enter treatment have anxiety about what the process is like. That’s why we made our First Step to Recovery video which shows how each patient enters treatment with us. Starting with a private assessment with one of counselors who can help unpack the substance abuse or mental health issues the patient is facing. Check out the video and post here: