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Youth Programs
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Youth Programs
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parents seeking treatment for pregnant women

Treatment For Pregnant Women And Mothers – Nurturing Parenting

Therapeutic Health Services Pregnant & Parenting Women’s Program Offers a parenting group called Nurturing Parenting. Nurturing Parenting uses an evidence-based curriculum. The program admits clients who are parenting and/or pregnant and are engaged in treatment for substance abuse. Treatment for pregnant women can be challenging but is a huge step in rehabilitation and reunification of the family. Nurturing Parenting works on building and establishing trusting relationships between parent and child. It also explores the hardships and successes of parenting during more..

Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle

In my office, I have a picture One that I had found at a local thrift store. It is a simple picture of a Bicycle and a caption that reads: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Patients comment on this picture. Drug and alcohol treatment and recovery are the same way. To keep our balance, we want to keep moving forward in order to maintain a steady and vibrant pace. Moving backwards more..

Expectant woman seeking treatment during pregnancy

Pregnant & Parenting Women FAQ

Therapeutic Health Services locations at Summit/Seneca, Shoreline, Eastside and Everett provide specific treatment for pregnant and parenting women who suffer from substance use disorder and opiate addiction. Our counselors have considerable knowledge and experience working with: • CPS and Family Court assessments and evaluations • Parenting groups and classes • Public health nurses • WIC • Inpatient services • Pregnancy and methadone What are the steps to have an assessment? The first step is to contact and schedule assessments at more..

drug and alcohol treatment patient wearing a dress shirt and tie

Drug and Alcohol Treatment FAQ

What are the steps to enrolling in drug and alcohol treatment? The first step is to contact and schedule a drug and alcohol treatment assessment. You can do this through the front desk of any of our branches. We schedule all assessments for 120 minutes. At the present moment, there is no waiting period for assessments. In addition, have your probation or referral source provide a copy of the police report for charges from substance use. They must also provide more..

2017 Outcomes for Youth and Adult Mental Health and Substance Use Programs

THS is proud to announce our 2017 Mental Health and Substance Use Program Outcomes For both youth and adult clients, we track progress every 90 days on a number of general measures of improvement towards treatment goals. For the Substance Use program, we track measures of improvement such as basic medical care received, alleviation of chronic symptoms and reduction in use of alcohol and drugs. For Mental Health, we track the development of self-management skills, improvements in mood and behavior, more..

Facts of the Opioid Crisis

By now, it is well known the United States is facing a devastating opioid crisis. Large cities and small towns across the country are feeling its effects as more and more overdoses are reported every day. Despite widespread awareness of the issue, many people don’t understand the underlying details of the epidemic. Check out this article to learn more about how it got started and what is being done to help stop it.

Layne Staley Tribute Concert

Therapeutic Health Services has worked to provide hope, education, support and treatment funds for heroin recovery and rehabilitation in the Seattle music community through our Layne Staley Memorial Fund. The fund, created in 2002, was named for the lead singer of Seattle-based band “Alice in Chains”. 15 years later, THS remains committed to providing the community with a wide array of services and programs including our Medically Assisted Treatment (Methadone and Buprenorphine) program, individual and group counseling. To learn more more..

New THS Adult and Youth Program Brochures

Check out our new THS Adult and Youth Program brochures.

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2014 Seattle – King County Drug Abuse Trends

The University of Washington Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI) has posted its 2014 Drug Abuse Trends for Seattle and King County and the current trends for the region are not looking good. Major highlights of the 2014 study include: Drug caused deaths involving heroin and/or methamphetamine peaked in 2014. Prescription opioid involved deaths are at their lowest point in a decade. The number of treatment admissions with heroin as the primary drug doubled from 2010-2014 and are higher than more..