We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Stroum Jewish Community Center’s Giving Initiative for Teens (GIFT) for their generous gift to THS. This gift will provide Enhanced Recovery Supports for our Pregnant & Parenting program families. These Enhanced Recovery Supports may include diapers, baby clothes, bedding, and other items so crucial to helping these new parents better care for their child and focus on meeting their recovery goals so they can build healthy lives with their families.

Our Pregnant and Parenting program provides help and support for pre- and post-partum opioid-addicted mothers with children ages 0-5. New and expectant opioid-addicted mothers face numerous, unique recovery challenges.  Our strengths-based program helps these mothers achieve their recovery goals. With hard work and support from medication-assisted treatment partnered with compassionate counseling, our new mothers develop bright futures for their families. We are especially grateful for the opportunity to partner with Stroum Jewish Community Center’s GIFT board to support participants in the Pregnant and Parenting program.

The Giving Initiative for Teens (GIFT) teaches Jewish teens about grant-making, non-profit management, fundraising, and Jewish values. The program encourages engagement in the Jewish community and empowers teens to be part of the grant-making process from start to finish, as they work together to raise and allocate funds to distribute to local non-profits. Through a formal application process, which included sharing details about our programs and services, THS was selected as one of the lucky agencies to receive their support. GIFT program youth made carefully considered decisions about which causes to fund and how they could best impact their community. The youth and staff at Stroum Jewish Community Center hosted a wonderful online event sharing their successes and showing their family and friends the different grantee’s programs and why the GIFT youth felt these programs deserved their support.

While we are all feeling the affects of COVID-19 on our daily lives, our Pregnant & Parenting Program participants are especially impacted. With resources being stressed by so many more people in need, we know that any help we can offer goes a long way toward helping these mothers and their children. This partnership with Stroum Jewish Community Center’s GIFT board will help us lift a small burden with a big impact and we are all deeply grateful. If you want to see the power of our Pregnant & Parenting Program, visit here to hear Rachelle’s story. Rachelle isa mother who was diagnosed cancer, fell into drug use, and had her child taken away from her… but she didn’t give up. When she became pregnant, Rachelle took that as the inspiration she needed to reclaim her life. Her story of taking back her child, beating cancer, and beating heroin, is a testament to the power of her hard work and THS’ quality care. To watch the video and read her story, we recommend visiting our website at the link HERE.

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