In my office, I have a picture

One that I had found at a local thrift store. It is a simple picture of a Bicycle and a caption that reads: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Patients comment on this picture. Drug and alcohol treatment and recovery are the same way. To keep our balance, we want to keep moving forward in order to maintain a steady and vibrant pace. Moving backwards means we are merely spinning our wheels and going nowhere. Slowing down the momentum, or coming to a stop, we begin to lose our balance.

Within our drug and alcohol treatment program, the focus is on how to assist our patients in moving forward

Like riding a bicycle, there is some awkwardness. However, with time and patience, an individual begins to discover certain freedoms. Freedoms that come with learning and growing as we stabilize and find new ways to enjoy life. Therapeutic Health Services focuses on helping our patients improve overall quality of life. This is accomplished through fostering an atmosphere of healing while engaging in the recovery process. THS accomplishes this through cultural humility, integrity, professionalism, quality, respect, and providing a safe environment for all.

Our approach to recovery is a person-centered approach

We strive to meet where our patients are at in the present moment. Developing a therapeutic alliance with them as they navigate treatment and recovery. Regardless of what brought a person into treatment (i.e., DUI, CPS, or other Legal, Medical, Family, or Work related issues); our main focus is on the individual and how we are able to work with them in forging a new path. Whether it is to assist them in maintaining compliance to resolve presenting legal issues; or working with them in identifying ways to continue to build upon the improved quality of life they desire. THS strongly believes that each individual is unique. We offer different perspectives, insights, and work with them in a collaborative environment. As a result, we can help them find their own balance to move forward.

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