Considering Compassion and Care

We had a great time in October for our Fall Raising Power Event held at the Wild Ginger McKenzie in the South Lake Union neighborhood. Our supporters gathered to view our new Central Youth Development Video and hear the story of Rachelle, a patient with an amazing story.

We heard from our CEO, Patricia Edmond-Quinn, on the importance of widening our circle and connecting to people in need across our region. Our Chief Development and Marketing Officer, Ken Schlegel, explained the importance of Enhanced Recovery Supports.

Enhanced Recovery Supports are the little things Therapeutic Health Services provides to people in need, that standard program models can’t provide. These supports go beyond our programs to provide extras like helping students pay for the SAT, providing personal care items for homeless youth, or providing new clothing for a young person’s job interview. Anything our programs don’t cover, but our patients need to succeed.

Friends and Faces of the Fall Raising Power Event

Videos Shared at Our Fall Raising Power Event

Join Our Circle
Please join us in making a difference across our region, providing quality compassionate care to anyone and everyone in need. Each day our staff are fighting the opioid crisis, helping people build healthy minds, and developing youth. Together we can foster healing and recovery in the Pacific Northwest.