The Therapeutic Health Services team had a great year, especially on our website, where we saw a 118% increase in total web traffic! You have our sincerest thanks for visiting our site, sharing us, and connecting to care with us. We wanted to take a moment to compile some of the great stories, videos, and posts we shared in 2019.

Patient Stories

Brenda’s Story – Recovering from Opioid Addiction – Brenda’s fall into opioid use stripped her life of the joy and happiness she lived for. Brenda almost lost everything, but when she decided to enter treatment her hard work helped her win it all back and more.

Betty’s Story – Recovery Through Time – Betty’s life teaches us about how opioid use disorder is a chronic condition and MAT isn’t a cure. However, with care, support, and treatment, Betty has lived a beautiful life confidently knowing she has the support she’s needed.

Rachelle’s Story – Life isn’t always kind, and Rachelle was dealt with some of the worst curve balls life can throw. She was diagnosed with cancer, fell into drug use, and had her child taken away from her…but she didn’t give up. When she became pregnant, Rachelle took that as the inspiration she needed to take her life back into her own hands. Her story of taking back her child, beating cancer, and beating heroin, is a testament to the power of hard work and quality care.

Debra’s Story – Debra had a harder start to life than most people can even imagine. She was born addicted to heroin and was actively using by age 13. Debra’s life was a struggle for survival, but after decades of use and intermittent treatment, she made the decision to finally quit. With the support she needed, Debra met her goal.

Dwayne’s Story – The promise of success, the power of potential, that’s what Dwayne possessed when he started a new career. A young man with talent and skill, he was set for the big leagues, but what started as an after-work calmant quickly took over his life. Dwayne didn’t let heroin stop him, the story of his recovery and fresh start are an inspiration for anyone.

THS Programs

Central Youth Development – Developing Youth and Making Bright Futures – Our Central Youth Development program is serving youth where they are by partnering with Seattle Public Schools to provide quality services and youth development. Their California summer trip with students took them on a tour of many of the biggest and best colleges in the state. Check out this fun video and story and see why the Central Youth Development program are the best at what they do; developing youth and making bright futures.

Staff Profile

I’ve Been There, You Can Do This – Peer Support Specialists at THS – Marissa is one of our amazing Peer Support specialists. She uses her knowledge and experience gained in her own struggles with addiction and mental illness, to better help, connect, and serve our patients. Marissa’s story is one of our favorites from 2019.

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