Therapeutic Health Services cares deeply about the health of our patients and of our community. We will be posting information as needed regarding any changes in program and service delivery at THS related to coronavirus (covid-19). Our goal is to keep our patients safe and provide the care they need. Please remember to watch our website’s Services Updates page ( page for any changes in service. We will post on our website if there are any changes to daily dosing.


All patients and staff must have their temperature checked upon entering the building. All individuals with a fever or other symptoms will be provided a mask and will receive their dose individually in an alternate office. If you feel sick in the morning before you come to the clinic, please call ahead and notify our staff so you can receive instructions for when you arrive at the clinic. We will make sure our staff are ready to receive you and  ensure you get your medication safely. The branch phone numbers are listed here and on our Google Business listings.

Social Distancing

To protect everyone, all patients and staff are requested to observe a social distance of six feet. For patients in line waiting to receive medication, we have marked out the distance to stand apart on the floor at each of our locations.


In this uncertain and rapidly changing time, we want all of our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) patients to know that they will receive their medication. Our medical staff are evaluating patients for temporary or increased carries.  Please follow any instructions given by nursing staff when you receive your medication.

All MAT Patients, please remember to bring your lock box to the clinic on your next visit.

Please remember to watch our website’s News & Events ( page for any changes in service. We will post on our website if there are any changes to daily dosing.

Emergency or Crisis Help

If you are experiencing a medical or other emergency, Call 911 immediately.

If you are in crisis and need help you can call the King County Crisis Line at  206-461-3222or 1-866-4CRISIS (1-866-427-4747).

In Snohomish County, please call 2-1-1 or the Care Crisis Line at 1-800-584-3578 to get help.

Stay Up-to-date on Our Response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak
These are uncertain times and news about the outbreak is constantly changing, but you don’t have to worry about what THS is doing, how our services are impacted and what effect that has on your care. Click the button below to go to our THS Service Updates – Coronavirus (Covid-19) page. We’re including all updates to care at THS on this page, along with what we’re doing to preserve the health and safety of our patients.