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Youth Programs
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Youth Programs
Mental Health
Substance Use

About THS

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Therapeutic Health Services (THS) operates on the belief that chemical dependency and mental illness are chronic, progressive diseases that respond to appropriate intervention, treatment and prevention. By effectively employing all three, individuals and families are better able to lead healthy and productive lives in their communities.

Our Vision:
improved quality of life for all

Our clients in recovery and those managing their mental illness need more than counseling and medication treatments to function at their greatest capacity. That’s why we offer a complete range of supplemental services, including language and cultural expertise, family and community support, and vocational services.

Our Mission:
fostering healing and recovery

Each year, more people die or become disabled from substance abuse and severe mental illness than from any other preventable cause.

In fact, one in four deaths in our country is the result of alcohol, drug or tobacco abuse. You can imagine the enormous burden this places on everything from family life and public safety to health care. By helping our neighbors overcome alcohol and drug addiction, we help strengthen our entire community.

About Our Philosophy

At Therapeutic Health Services (THS), we believe in treatment that deals with the whole person and every aspect of his or her life. Our approach includes mental health and family services, plus a wide range of chemical dependency treatments such as methadone and counseling. Years of working with the diverse community of Puget Sound has taught our staff the value of providing services that are culturally relevant and in line with each individual’s needs.

Our Values:
cultural humility | integrity | professionalism | quality | respect | safety

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About THS Posts

Summer Raising Power Event Flag Image

2019 Summer Raising Power Event

Conductive Conversation We had a blast on the evening of Tuesday, August 27th for our 2019 Summer “Raising Power” Event. The event brought together executive team, members of THS board of directors, leadership staff, new friends and ardent community supporters. Patricia Edmond-Quinn, our CEO, took us through a timeline of how THS has grown to have branches in key Puget Sound communities like Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and Kent. Patricia gave us a run-down on what her plans include and how more..

Two of our supporters

2019 Spring Raising Power Event

We had a blast on the evening of Tuesday, April 11th for our 2019 Spring Raising Power Event. The event brought together our executive team, our board of directors, and ardent community supporters. Together we were able to talk about the needs of THS and the needs of our patients. Together we discussed the future of THS and how the organization is going about setting down the game plan for reaching those needs. We will be holding more Raising Power more..

Young Urban Setting Woman - Patient Rights

THS Protected Health Information Policy & Patient Rights

Your Information. Your Rights. Our Responsibilities. This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed, as well as your rights regarding this information and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully. Effective Date: Jan 1, 2018 Your Rights You have the right to: Get a copy of your paper or electronic medical record Correct your paper or electronic medical record Request confidential communication Ask us to limit the information we share more..

2016 THS Annual Report Cover

THS 2016 Annual Report

Primary care comes to THS THS is proud to highlight the opening of our first primary care unit. Located at our Summit/Seneca Branch in First Hill in Seattle, the primary care unit focuses on the acute and chronic healthcare needs of our patients. We aim to remove major obstacles to primary care faced by many of our behavioral health patients. Providing primary care at the same location where our patients receive behavior health services helps them address health concerns before more..