We want to take a moment to share with you one of the most EXTRA compelling stories we’ve had a chance to capture. Ericka is a patient at our Snohomish/Everett branch and like many of our patients she sees us for both MAT and mental health treatment. Ericka came to THS in 2015 and with hard work and continuous support of both her counselors, Richard and Ambyr, she is living a new life. Ericka went from being homeless and without a plan for her future, to realizing her dream of becoming a college student, being a wonderful mother and a loved and participating member of her family. Fueled by personal determination and inspired by the care she receives at THS, Ericka recently started her bachelor’s degree with the goal of one day becoming a counselor. Ericka has a definite goal: to serve people in need, just like Ambyr, Richard, and so many THS staff. Ericka’s success highlights the power of medication-assisted treatment combined with evidence-based counseling. She shows us the impact that can result when someone gets the care and support, they need.

THS’ mission is fostering healing and recovery – an EXTRA important task given the world we are living in now. Every person on the THS team plays a role in fulfilling that mission. Whether you’re a counselor, a provider or dispensary nurse, support services staff, UA technician or a community liaison, you play a role in supporting the recovery of our patients. It’s this collaborative support that gives our patients the chance at a new start and a better future. We know you play a critical role in serving our patients. We’re hoping you’ll take the EXTRA step of becoming an employee donor.

Each day, every THS employee goes the EXTRA mile to provide care to the most vulnerable people in our community – our 2020 Employee Giving Campaign gives you an opportunity to do something truly EXTRA-ordinary. The Employee Giving Campaign is a way to extend that care even further by funding what we call Enhanced Recovery Supports.

Enhanced Recovery Supports are seemingly little EXTRA things that add up to make a big difference in helping our patients succeed. Enhanced Recovery Supports go above and beyond what existing funding for our programs and services can provide. These supports could be baby supplies for a new mother, personal care items for a homeless youth or young adult and basic household items for a newly housed person. Due to COVID-19’s devastating impact on the local economy, funds raised by this year’s Employee Giving Campaign will also be dedicated to helping ease the pain of hunger caused by food instability.

It’s EXTRA easy to participate in our Employee Giving Campaign by clicking on the link below. Deducted from each paycheck, your gift joins with those of other THS employees to build a powerful source of funding which can only be used to help our patients meet their recovery goals. Here are some amounts for you to consider:

$5 per paycheck x 24 pay periods = $120 per year

$10 per paycheck x 24 pay periods = $240 per year

$15 per paycheck x 24 pay periods = $360 per year

$20 per paycheck x 24 pay periods = $480 per year

The first deduction will appear on the January 16 paycheck.

Please know you have our EXTRA thanks. Without you and other members of the THS team, Ericka wouldn’t have had a chance at a new life and her family wouldn’t have their daughter back in their lives.