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Youth Programs
Mental Health
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Youth Programs
Mental Health
Substance Use

King County Drug Court

The goal of our King County Drug Court program is to help break the cycle of criminality and substance use. To help participants develop the skills they need to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

Since Drug Court’s inception in 1994, THS has worked directly with the courts to provide extensive services. These include intensive drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment. As well as case management, life skills training, employment and educational services, pro-social activities, and community reintegration to court-involved individuals.

A Unique Program

Drug Court is unique in that it depends upon a non-adversarial courtroom atmosphere. The judge and a team of people including prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers, case managers and THS treatment staff work together toward the common goal of breaking the cycle of drug abuse and criminal behavior.

Eligible defendants (generally low-level and non-violent offenders) can choose to receive drug treatment instead of going to trial. If these defendants graduate from the program, all charges are dismissed and they are free to go. Most participants have an enormous incentive to get clean because if they fail out of the program they are sentenced on their original charges.

Drug Court Program Details

Drug Court program participants go through a rigorous program that can take up to two years to complete. They get help for their substance use and mental health issues and have strict limits placed on their behavior.

Random drug tests are performed at least twice per week. Participants meet with their counselors for individual or group counseling sessions a minimum of one to two times per week. They attend sober support meetings weekly, complete community service and appear before a judge at least monthly.

Drug Court participants must be employed or in school before they can graduate from the program.

Why Drug Court Works

The services we provide in partnership with King County Drug Court are successful because they address the multitude of issues that can contribute to relapse. These include addiction, mental illness, unemployment, behavioral problems and homelessness. We help participants develop the skills they need to be drug-free and thriving.

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Kent Branch Summer Baseball Games

Check out these great photos from one of our Kent Baseball games. Clients at our Kent Branch come together every Thursday evening, each summer for friendly games of baseball. The clients all really enjoy the chance to have fun and catch some rays. The bats, gloves, and balls are donated by Kent and Drug Court staff. This is the 7th season the baseball games have been played and the clients are having a great time. We caught up with Kent more..