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Drug and Alcohol Treatment FAQ

What are the steps to enrolling in drug and alcohol treatment?

The first step is to contact and schedule a drug and alcohol treatment assessment. You can do this through the front desk of any of our branches. Just call the number listed on the THS Locations page. You can also complete our Drug & Alcohol Get Help Form. A clinician will then contact you within 24 hours. We schedule all assessments for 120 minutes.

In addition, if your assessment is required by law enforcement, please have your probation or referral source provide a copy of the police report for charges from substance use. They must also provide criminal history and a 5 year driving abstract. You can either bring these documents in at the time of your scheduled assessment or you can fax them to the office. For more on this, see the question below.

Finally, you must attend your scheduled appointment by arriving 30-45 minutes early to complete the intake paperwork and packet. At that time, you will provide an observed urine sample that we send to the lab. This is required for all alcohol/drug assessments.

Upon completion of your evaluation, the intake coordinator will provide your referral source an assessment summary letter within the next 7 days. If there is a treatment recommendation, you will be informed of the recommendation (pending verification of the urine analysis) and provided necessary group start times.

Therapeutic Health Services provides drug and alcohol treatment and assessments in King and Snohomish Counties for the following:

  • DUI/Reckless Driving infractions
  • DOC Intakes/Evaluations
  • Family Court – Custody Evaluations
  • Employee Assistant Program referrals
  • CPS and Family Court assessments and evaluations

We are committed to providing a thorough and timely assessment. To assist patients, we have a collaborative relationship with various probation, attorneys, and courts within the King County and Snohomish County areas.

What if I disagree with your assessment or I am unable to participate in the treatment with THS?

Therapeutic Health Services is committed to meeting each individual where they are. They recognize that each person is a consumer. If you disagree with the assessment, or your attorney disagrees with the assessment, you are welcome to seek a second opinion.

If you are unable to attend the recommended group sessions, we will provide at least three referrals to other local area agencies. They may be able to accommodate your schedule.

Why do I need to provide a copy of my police report, driving abstract, and criminal history?

For any pending adjudication of DUI or other court-related issues which are due to recent use of alcohol and/or drugs, state law requires us to:

  • Obtain and review the recent police report of the incident
  • Document review of the BAC/BAL level (if obtained and recorded)
  • Document review of the criminal history and driving abstract

Without these, the assessment may be incomplete – pending verification of the documentation.

What type of outpatient drug and alcohol treatment does THS offer?

THS offers various groups for outpatient treatment services. These include: Intensive outpatient treatment groups that meet for three hours, three times per week; Weekly outpatient treatment groups that meet weekly for an hour and a half; and a variety of other groups that meet weekly for an hour.

Locations for Drug & Alcohol Services

Each of our branches has different group schedules and times. The group days and times will be provided at the time of your assessment.

Please check the THS Locations page to find the branch closest to you and the phone number to call during business hours. We offer Drug and Alcohol services at our Summit/Seneca (First Hill Seattle), Shoreline, Eastside (Bellevue), Kent, and Everett branches.

You can visit the Greater Seattle Intragroup Alcoholics Anonymous page for more resources.

Are you or someone you know in need of treatment?
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