GiveBIG season starts each year on April 15th and runs through to May 5th & 6th. GiveBIG is a Washington state initiative where non-profit organizations come together to demonstrate how they’re working to serve the Pacific Northwest. Everyone is invited to chip in and support these organizations through donations, volunteerism, and more. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, GiveBIG is especially critical as so many organizations struggle to continue supporting people in need. Therapeutic Health Services would like to invite you to donate and support our patients during this time of crisis by visiting here.

Unique Needs In This Unique Time

We are continuing to serve our patients and anyone in need despite the many healthcare challenges presented by COVID-19. We’re working hard to expand our telehealth capabilities so patients don’t need to come to our clinics as often to get the care they rely on. Our counselors and care teams recognize that addiction is often a disease of isolation and in this time of quarantine it is more critical than ever to connect with our patients regularly and safely. Our counselors are conducting one-on-one sessions via phone and increasingly by newly implemented telehealth technology. These check ins ensure patients are staying healthy and to help prevent feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression that might lead to relapse. We’ve also taken measures to expand the number of patients who are provided with extended take-home doses of their methadone medication. This effort is aimed at reducing how often our patients need to come to our clinics so they can stay home and stay healthy. These efforts also reduce the amount of traffic to each of our clinics which keeps our staff safe.

While Therapeutic Health Services is coping and adapting to the new world COVID-19 has presented to us, we still need your help. Today, we are all challenged by the uncertainty, stress and anxiety caused by the epidemic. These feelings are amplified in people made vulnerable by substance use and mental health challenges.  

That’s why we are working to provide Enhanced Recovery Supports. These supports aren’t covered by program funding and are often the critical piece in helping a patient achieve their recovery goals. These supports could be baby supplies for a new mother, personal care items for a homeless youth or young adult, basic household items for a newly housed person, or even emergency funds for food. We ask that you take the time to commit to helping us provide these supports.

Please visit here or click the button below to be taken to our secure donation form where you can show us your support with a contribution. We need your support and our patients need care, help us and help them by GivingBIG, when you GiveBIG with THS, you’re helping us grow big futures.

#GiveBIG With THS