New Renovations

The THS Snohomish/Everett Branch is undergoing renovations that will allow them to expand services there. Starting in early-April, the renovations should wrap up in mid-July. In the process, three counseling offices, two medical offices, a new staff lounge, and an additional group room will be added.

Expanding Services

The new renovations will greatly expand the Everett Branch’s ability to provide services. As a result of the renovations, the Everett team expects to be able to provide access to more people who suffer from opiate addiction. The new space will be used for both counseling and medical services. One of the medical offices will be used for primary care, a service the THS team is eager to bring to the Everett Branch.

About the Snohomish/Everett Branch

The Snohomish/Everett Branch currently serves 921 patients, making it the branch with the largest census. 97% of these patients receive Medication Assisted Treatment (methadone, Suboxone® ). 3% receive Alcohol/Drug service, and 6% of all patients receive Mental Health services. The Everett clinic was opened in January of 2014, becoming the first MAT clinic in Snohomish County. The staff of 37 puts an emphasis on excellent customer service, working hard to ensure patients receive the care they need.

Photos of Renovations