Conductive Conversation

We had a blast on the evening of Tuesday, August 27th for our 2019 Summer “Raising Power” Event. The event brought together executive team, members of THS board of directors, leadership staff, new friends and ardent community supporters. Patricia Edmond-Quinn, our CEO, took us through a timeline of how THS has grown to have branches in key Puget Sound communities like Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and Kent. Patricia gave us a run-down on what her plans include and how important it is to have a dedicated group of supporters who are willing to help us on the frontlines of the Opioid Crisis.

Change is Good

The THS team lives by the motto “Change is Good” and that’s exactly what our staff are doing. Each day they are changing hundreds of lives, restoring health, and rebuilding futures.

Royale’s Story

We shared the story of Royale Lexing, a client who was served in our Youth & Families program. Royale was tragically murdered in May of 2019, making his story bittersweet.

Brenda’s Story

Brenda’s story was also shared at the Summer Raising Power Event. The way Brenda became addicted was akin to so many others in our community. Prescribed pain medication because of a sore tooth, it didn’t take long for her to develop a physical dependence. From there Brenda had to decide between spending her money on the street buying drugs or be horribly sick. Luckily she was connected to care and through treatment, at THS she was able to end her addiction to Opiates.

There are so many stories of recovery we have yet to share. Please help us do that by continuing to connect, sharing these stories, and giving so we can continue to foster healing and recovery.

Raising Power Events Coming Soon

We will be holding more Raising Power events throughout this year and the next. Stay tuned to be connected to more events this year. Sign up for our newsletter by visiting HERE

Photos from the Summer Raising Power Event