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Youth Programs
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Youth Programs
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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Are You Struggling With Opioid Addiction? THS Can Help

If you or someone you know or care about is suffering from an opioid addiction (heroin, fentanyl, OxyContin, Vicodin, or other prescription pain medications), it’s time to ask for help. While local and national news highlight the growing number of people who are addicted to opioids, THS understands that these numbers are real people whose lives and futures are at stake.

The evidence-based Substance Use Disorder treatment program at THS provides compassionate support for patients diagnosed as abusing opioids, alcohol, or other drugs. The goal is to prevent more serious involvement in the future. THS empowers patients by providing the tools they need to make positive lifestyle changes. THS supports patients to grow beyond the negative impacts of opioids, alcohol, and other drugs. Our Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program helps patients find their best mental health

medication assisted treatment (MAT) methadone

Patient-centered treatment program modalities are determined by an initial assessment and are tailored to meet the unique needs and strengths of the individual patient. This includes length and intensity of treatment. Patients who experience relapse are not excluded from the program, rather their individual needs are reassessed, and treatment is modified to better serve them.Treatment programs at THS are based on an initial assessment and are tailored to meet the unique needs and strengths of the individual patient. This includes variations in the length and intensity of treatment. Patients who do experience relapse are not excluded from the program. Their individual needs are reassessed and treatment is modified to better serve them.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Patients in the MAT program at THS receives services towards wellness and prevention. These services include assessments, medical evaluations, medication management, case management, and individual and group counseling.

Patients diagnosed with an Opioid Use Disorder under an MAT program may be provided with methadone treatment or may be prescribed buprenorphine, as determined by the physician.

Methadone in MAT

Methadone treatment can provide many benefits to individuals seeking to move past their addiction. These include,

  • Reduced or discontinued use of opioids
  • Reduced risk of overdose
  • Reduced risk of infection or transmission of diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B or C, bacterial infections, tuberculosis, STDS and others
  • Reduced mortality
  • Reduced criminal activity
  • Improved family stability
  • Improved employment potential
  • Improved pregnancy outcomes.

Buprenorphine in MAT

Buprenorphine is also a successful medication-assisted treatment option in the management of physical and mental withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid addiction.  Patients appropriate for this type of MAT treatment are assessed by a healthcare professional (physician, ARNP, or PAC) to ensure safe and appropriate medication management. 

Along with medication management services, THS provides all buprenorphine patients with outpatient alcohol/drug treatment services.  These services includes individual and group counseling and case management services.

Health Insurance for MAT

Therapeutic Health Services accepts Medicaid/Apple Health for all MAT services. Learn more about the health insurance plans we accept here.

Counseling & Recovery Support

Medication is only part of the solution. Safe and proven medication-assisted treatment is combined with evidence-based counseling delivered by caring and compassionate staff to achieve the best results. The experienced team of counselors at Therapeutic Health Services helps patients explore recovery tools and skills to improve their lives and develop whole-health wellness.

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