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Youth Programs
Mental Health
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Youth Programs
Mental Health
Substance Use
Youth Programs
Mental Health
Substance Use

School-Based Programs & Services

Care Where Youth Are

THS provides counseling staff at Madrona Middle School (Making a Difference at Madrona) and Garfield High School offering a variety of services. These school-based services include:

THS counseling staff also provide support and resource connections to address specific issues identified by students, families and the school community.

THS Staff typically practice “nontraditional”, methods of counseling, i.e., it is not uncommon for staff to have individual sessions in a park or on a basketball court in school just as often as in their offices. Many youth in treatment have had prior, unsuccessful encounters with systems and they may have a myriad of trust issues. Which is why THS Staff do their best to engage them in a variety of settings and not solely in the traditional, in-office, behind the desk individual or group session.

THS partners with Seattle Housing Authority to provide assessment, intervention, counseling and referrals for Seattle School District students living in Yesler Terrace.

Rites of Passage

THS offers Rites of Passage, a life-skills class at Garfield High School. It’s also part of the Seattle Housing/Yesler Terrace program. Rites of Passage is designed to motivate positive behaviors among youth of African ancestry.

The Rites of Passage program concentrates on cultural identity as a means of teaching responsibility. Young people are introduced to an African value system through the practice of the Nguzu Saba or the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa. The program helps young people develop a positive sense of self. It promotes responsibility to the community and teaches positive life skills.

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School-Based Programs & Services Posts

What Happened to My Senior Year? – High School Seniors COVID-19 Process Group

What happened to my senior year? Where’s my yearbook, prom and graduation ceremony? With all the uncertainty about graduation requirements and the emotional loss of “once-in-a-lifetime” high school senior milestone events it’s understandable that you feel COVID-19 has taken something important from you.  Our High School Seniors COVID-19 Process Group can help you work through these feelings, as well as the anxiety, depression and loneliness we are all feeling in the midst of the epidemic. Our High School Seniors COVID-19 more..

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Inactive Teens May Be More Prone to Depression

By ReutersFeb. 18, 2020 (Reuters Health) – Sedentary teens may be more likely than their active peers to be depressed, and a new study suggests even light exercise like walking might help reduce this risk. Following more than 4,000 young people from age 12 to age 18, researchers found physical activity levels declined as kids got older. But those who were the most sedentary at ages 12 through 16 were the most likely to have symptoms of depression at 18. Conversely, more..

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Central Youth Development – Developing Youth and Making Bright Futures

A Lifetime Opportunity Check out our new video Central Youth Development – Developing Youth and Making Bright Futures above. It showcases the Central Youth Development (CYD) program and the amazing educational opportunities we are providing to students in Seattle and Seattle Public Schools. The CYD program connected students with a once-in-a-lifetime college tour through southern Califonia. By partnering with our friends at Y-Scholars at Garfield High School through Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA, our CYD program was able to expand the more..