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THS Seneca Branch

THS Seneca Branch
1300 Spring Street
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 323-0930
Fax: (206) 432-3591

Contact: Tess Grimmett, B.S., CDP, Seneca Branch Manager

Seneca Branch Front Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday, 7:00AM – 5:30PM
Friday 7:00AM – 4:30PM

Seneca Branch Dispensary Hours:
Early Dosing:
Monday – Friday 6:00AM – 6:30AM
Saturday 7:00AM – 7:30AM

Regular Dosing:
Monday – Friday 6:30AM – 11:30AM
Saturday 7:30AM – 11:30AM

Please follow your assigned color code.

Programs & Services – Seneca Branch

Mental Health Services
  • Adult Mental Health Services
  • Counseling: Individual, Group & Family
  • African-American Ethnic Mental Health Specialty
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Medical Exam & Evaluation
  • Co-occurring Disorder Treatment
  • Medication Management
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Mental Health Case Management
  • Mental Health Court Referrals
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Primary Care

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Substance Use Services & Medication-Assisted Treatment (Methadone/Suboxone®)
Support Services

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