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THS vaccination event

THS Vaccination Event

THS will be offering 100% free Covid-19 vaccinations at 4 of our locations to existing THS patients. The first 50 patients at each location who complete their scheduled vaccine appointment will receive a $25 Orca transit card. Everyone who receives a vaccine will receive a goody bag to celebrate their efforts to help end the pandemic.

We will be providing Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines

Dates & Times

Summit/Seneca Branch: Monday June 21st 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. in Annex Parking Lot

Snohomish/Everett Branch: Thursday, June 24th 10:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. at Phlebotomy Office

Eastside Branch: Wednesday, June 30th 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. in Hopelink Room

Shoreline Branch: Friday, July 2nd 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. in Primary Care Office

Schedule an Appointment

MAT/Methadone Patients: Please see a dispensary nurse.

Alcohol/Drug, Suboxone, and Mental Health Patients: Please see front desk staff.

What to Expect

Screening: Upon arrival you will be quickly screened for COVID-19 symptoms.
Registration and Check-In: Our helpful staff will get you registered into our system if you are not already registered.
Vaccination: Your personal information will be confirmed and you will receive a single injection in your upper arm. For those receiving the Moderna vaccine, your second vaccination appointment will be made for you during your first vaccination appointment.
Observation: After vaccination you will be required to wait for 15 minutes in a socially distanced observation area so that we can monitor you for any reactions to the vaccine. This will be a good time to schedule your second appointment (if needed). Our staff will be on hand to assist with this scheduling.

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