September celebrates the almost 20 million Americans who are in recovery and the behavioral healthcare providers who support them.

While most people with a behavioral health condition and access to care can and do recover, the absence of care can upend many aspects of a person’s life and lead to instability. 

People who experience mental health or substance use challenges can feel isolated and alone. Ending the silence and stigma around behavioral health is key to helping people get support and resources on their recovery journey.

Therapeutic Health Services lowers barriers to accessing quality care.  We specialize in serving individuals with little or no income We strive to achieve equity in serving the diversity that characterizes the Puget Sound area by proving culturally appropriate and compassionate care tailored to the needs of the individual.

Purple is a color long associated with recovery (it’s no coincidence that the THS logo is this color!). During the month of September wear purple or make purple posts to your social media to show your support for those in recovery and behavioral healthcare providers.