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Youth Programs
Mental Health
Substance Use
Youth Programs
Mental Health
Substance Use
Youth Programs
Mental Health
Substance Use

Center for Clinical Excellence

Advancing excellence in the treatment of substance use and mental health disorders in youth and adults.

Center for Clinical Excellence opened in April 2010 and houses a number of key programs that work to provide clinical support, training, and services to THS patients and interns. The programs and clinics below operate under the Center for Clinical Excellence.

Integrated Cognitive Therapies Program (ICTP)

Providing key services for youth with co-occurring substance use and mental health diagnoses. Click HERE for more information about this program.

THS Co-Occurring Disorders Clinic

Opened in 2012 the Co-Occurring Disorders Clinic provides psychiatric evaluation, pharmacologic interventions, and psychotherapy grounded in Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Treatment is open to youth and adults.

THS Psychology Clinic

Opened in 2013, the THS Psychology Clinic offers reduced fee psychological and IQ testing for individuals of all ages.

Center for Clinical Excellence – Training Institute

Center for Clinical Excellence - Training Institute Internship Program

The CCE-Training Institute provides Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training. The Institute also houses a growing domestic and international internship program which mentors graduate students from schools of Psychology, Nursing, Social Work, and those interested in pursuing careers in Addictionology.

The Mission of the Center for Clinical Excellence – Training Institute:

To train counselors, social workers, and psychologists to provide mental health treatment to the clients served by THS. We are committed to respecting interns’ learning goals and contracts and providing weekly individual supervision. We are moving towards training dually-licensed clinicians (CDP/Mental health license) to the best of our ability.

Training Institute – Internship Program FAQ

The Training Institute – Internship Program is a growing program in the Center for Clinical Excellence. THS receive many inquiries regarding the Training Institute – Internship Program, so the FAQ blocks below have been put together to answer many of the questions interested parties may have.

How Long is the CCE Internship?

The length of the internship and the weekly hours involved depends on the intern’s degree and school. The Range of Time is from 9 months – 18 months, consisting of 16-40 hours per week.

What Does the Internship Entail?
  • Case Management
  • Consultation
  • Individual and Group Mental Health Therapy
  • Mental Health Pre-Screening
  • Participate an Intern Seminars and Mental Health and SUD Team Meetings
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Weekly Supervision
Is the Internship Paid?

There are no paid internships at this time.

How do Students Enter the Program?

THS maintains connections with field placement offices at a number of schools and universities. These Field placement advisors know what a THS internship looks like and what kinds of experiences are available here. These advisors consider the interests and experiences of the student then match prospective students with the THS program. They will usually start the application process by sending a student’s resume.

If you are interested in joining the THS Internship Program but are not working with an advisor, we ask that you notify us by submitting an inquiry via our Contact Us form here or at the bottom of this page. Please select the “Interested in Internship Opportunities” box on the form. A staff member will contact you shortly. Please be prepared to submit a complete resume.

You can also send an email to Please include “Internship” in the subject line.

Do Interns pay to enter the Program?

No, with the exception of students from Korea and the Philippines. These students learn at THS for a limited period of time as part of a special program and do not provide services to THS clients.

Interested in the Training Institute Internship Program?
Visit our CCE – Training Institute page here.