Help a Child Have a Fun Summer!

Summer in the Pacific Northwest – a time when, if we are lucky, most of us can get outdoors and enjoy the natural splendor of the region. For kids it means that school is out and days are wide open for fun.  For parents, it might mean a summer vacation with the family or the beginning of three months of worrying about what their kids are going to do with all that free time.

For many of the youth we serve in our programs, the options are much more limited. Funds aren’t available for vacations or other activities.  Their parents are busy working, trying to find work, or working through the process of recovery. Unfortunately, experience has shown us that youth who aren’t engaged in healthy social activities usually get into trouble.

Our Summer Youth Program provides several months of activities for at-risk kids. There are visits to museums, parks, zoos and children’s theater, as well as a variety of sports activities to watch or engage in.  A centerpiece of our Summer Program is our Youth Golf & Tennis Program.  While technically a year round program, the good weather gets the kids out on the courts and the course to apply the skills they’ve learned.

Your contribution allows us to provide a wider range of activities to a larger group of youth. A gift of $25 allows us to provide an outing and snack for two kids, $50 provides the same for a group of four. $100 helps us outfit two children for our Youth Golf & Tennis Program, while $150 takes care of snacks for one child throughout the summer.  A generous gift of $250 helps to partially underwrite our end of summer program awards banquet.

As you enjoy the improving weather, please think about our kids and do what you can to make their summer fun and memorable.


Norman O. Johnson

Executive Director

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