Spread Some Summer Fun!

Happy Young African American Boy in the Park.

What does the summer mean to you and your family? Is it a break from school? A chance to take some time off from work? Time for a family vacation? Or is it a chance to finally enjoy the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest in some of the best weather we have all year?

The summer months look very different for most of the youth in our program. Many have parents who are in recovery.  Others have parents who are looking for work or working long hours at multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Funds for summer activities and vacations are limited or non-existent.

Our Summer Youth Program provides several months of scheduled activities for kids. There are visits to museums, parks, zoos and children’s theater, as well as a variety of sports activities to watch or engage in.  A centerpiece of our Summer Program is our Youth Golf & Tennis Program.  It’s a year round program, but the good weather gives the kids the opportunity to use the skills they’ve learned.

Your contribution allows us to provide a wider range of activities to a larger group of youth. A gift of $25 allows us to provide an outing and snack for two kids, $50 provides the same for a group of four. $100 helps us outfit two children for our Youth Golf & Tennis Program, while $150 takes care of snacks for one child throughout the summer.  A generous gift of $250 helps to partially underwrite our end of summer program awards banquet.

As you enjoy the summer and all the opportunities it presents to you and your family, think about making a contribution and spreading that summer fun around.



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