MIDD Wraparound

Our MIDD Wraparound staff meets with participants and designated family members to identify strengths, assess needs covering all life domains, create mutual goals, and develop an initial crisis plan. A Wraparound Team comprised of significant individuals involved in the participant’s life (family members, friends, appropriate professionals, and other natural supports) is assembled, which then becomes the driving force for creating an individualized care plan covering multiple life domains, establishing measurable time-limited objectives that are directly related to team-determined goals and priorities, and empowering participants to access a range of resources including formal and informal supports to meet mutually identified needs.  

  • Group of Teens
  • “When I first came to you, I didn’t hold much hope for myself. I thought I didn’t deserve to be treated decently, as I had done little to show I was worth it. I didn’t think I deserved help. […] However, despite how I feel about myself, you think that I’m worth taking a chance on. […] Your kindness has given me hope.”