Making a Difference at Madrona

THS provides two full-time mental health counselors at Madrona K-8. The counselors provide on-site assessment, crisis-intervention, individual and group counseling, violence & gang intervention/prevention, as well as community support and resource connection to address specific issues identified by students, families, and the school community. Our on-site staff people also serve as liaisons for parents or other family members who might need services within the larger THS organization and/or to connect families with other needed outside resources and expertise (e.g., housing). The project goal is to improve student and family connection to and positive participation in the school setting. The program reduces the barriers impacting kids’ readiness to learn through innovative, evidence-based interventions addressing their social and emotional needs and improving access to resources for any student/family who wishes to participate in the project.

  • Middle School Boy
  • “It is amazing the help and support we have received and most importantly, our son feels like he is supported and the staff understand him. It is so encouraging to see the progress that has been made by our child and the improvements our family is making.”