Juvenile Justice Assessment Team (JJAT)

The Juvenile Justice Assessment Team was created in 2009 as part of the King County Mental Illness Drug Dependency Action Plan approved by the King County Council in 200.  Developed under Juvenile Court  Services  the program increases the availability of mental health and chemical dependency assessments for youth who enter the juvenile justice system.  Improved access to assessments helps provide a pathway to appropriate care for these youth and results in reducing health care costs and criminal justice involvement. Any youth with a current, active case in Juvenile Court is eligible for a referral to JJAT.

How do I know if my youth would benefit from a referral to JJAT?

  • Is your youth experiencing excessive worry or anxiety?
  • Unexpected change in their personality or attitude?
  • Sudden mood swings, irritability or angry outbursts?
  • Lack of interest or participation in significant activities?
  • Significant change in their eating or sleeping habits?

Who can make a referral to JJAT?

  • Judge or Commissioner
  • Attorney
  • Juvenile Probation Counselor
  • Juvenile Court Services Case Manager
  • Therapeutic Court Staff
  • Juvenile Detention Staff
  • Youth Pink Shirt
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