Women Veteran’s Program

“I’m home but I don’t feel safe – why does my life feel like a combat zone?”

Every year thousands of women veterans receive little or no treatment for their mental health issues.  Many of these issues stem from the ongoing stress of military service and can include anxiety disorders and chronic depression.  Women veterans are especially vulnerable to sexual assault and domestic violence.  The surrounding environment and specific traumatic events can leave a lasting imprint on the emotional life of a woman.

Left untreated, these problems can grow and become barriers to living a healthy life. They might lead to chronic homelessness, a pattern of sexual, physical or emotionally abusive relationships, the inability to get or hold a job and not being able to care for yourself or your family.

Therapeutic Health Services’ role is to promote psychological well-being by offering services that both support and assist women veterans whose pain might not otherwise be acknowledged, heard, respected or understood.

The Pentagon has found that the rate of sexual assault for female service members went from roughly 1 in 26 to 1 in 16 between 2010 and today. The actual number could be much greater, though accurate data regarding military sexual assault is difficult to get. Although 26,000 service members say they were sexually assaulted in 2012, the Pentagon officially counted only 3,374 formal allegations.

You don’t have to stay silent. THS is here to help.


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