Veterans Outreach Program

Serving Those Who Have Served
We honor your courage in serving our country and understand the challenges you face.

Military service is a life and culture all of its own. Camaraderie, respect, and an understanding of what it means to serve your country is part of your everyday life. You learned to rely on yourself and your comrades, so asking for help can be difficult. Rebuilding a life can be tough. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Our Veterans Outreach Specialists are here to help

Our Veterans Outreach Specialists will navigate you through all of the resources available in the King County Veterans Network and beyond. At Therapeutic Health Services, we are here to assist our veterans overcome boundaries and create a foundation for success by any means possible.

This includes:

  • Information on VA benefits and programs
  • Employment referral services
  • In-house THS mental health and/or substance abuse services
  • Veterans events information
  • King County Veterans Passport

What Do King County Veterans Services Offer?

  • Assistance in overcoming barriers with the least amount of red tape possible
  • Connecting you with veteran resource fairs, veteran career fairs, and other veteran events going on within King County
  • Advocating for you with other potential resources for veterans
  • Employment assistance and referrals to employment service providers
  • Referrals to providers that focus on helping you file your claim with the VA for disability ratings
  • Thorough explanation, navigation, and coordination of additional programs for veterans and connecting veterans with those programs
  • Helping you receive resources you may qualify for with other groups
  • Connecting you with the opportunity to determine if you qualify for SSVF or HUD-VASH resources

Resources available through the Veterans Program at THS and King County Veterans Network include:

  • Education benefits: GI Bill benefits for former active duty service members and members of the reserve and National Guard.
  • Housing purchases: As a veteran you may qualify for housing loan assistance through the VA up to $450,000.
  • Burial benefits: Burial in federal or state veteran cemeteries. Headstones and markers for burial in private cemeteries. Allowances that help cover burial services and burial plot.

The mission of the Veterans Program at Therapeutic Health Services is to triage veterans to the resources they need to conquer their unique challenges. Although the THS Veterans Program does place an emphasis on providing services to minority and women veterans, assistance and services are open to all qualified veterans.

With branches in King and Snohomish counties, as well as partnerships with Veteran Services Providers throughout Washington State, we have what it takes to assist you in your journey.

For more information, please call the Rainier Branch at (206) 723-1980

  • “I am a living testimony that THS does great work!”