Vocational Programs

Therapeutic Health Services partners with DSHS and King County to provide the following services:

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is a program through the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. DVR serves participants with disabilities who want to work but face a substantial barrier to finding and keeping a job. DVR provides individualized employment services and counseling to participants with disabilities.

The Vocational Specialist’s primary objective is to match people’s skills with the employer’s needs. In working with program participants, the Vocational Specialist may:

  •          Form job opportunities with employers
  •          Assist in resume writing
  •          Perform job searches
  •          Help improve job and interview skills
  •          Provide on-the-job coaching
  •          Maintain ongoing support through periodic visits on and off the work site

For more information, please call Therapeutic Health Services’ Rainier Branch at (206) 723-1980

To read the Vocational Services Brochure, please click here.

  • Worker
  • “Today, I can say that I have come a long way. I have learned life lessons that will never leave me, tools for success that I will never forget, and principles and morals that I apply every day of my life. Now, I am a medical assistant working in the medical field towards a career as a registered nurse.”