Lack of access to childcare can be a significant barrier to treatment. Childcare can be prohibitively expensive, and if a parent either can’t afford it or can’t rely on a trustworthy friend or family member to watch their child during their treatment and counseling sessions, they may not attend treatment. To ensure that drug and alcohol treatment is available to everyone, THS provides free onsite childcare at our Eastside, Everett, Shoreline, Seneca and Summit branches. During the morning treatment hours (generally 6am-11am but can differ between locations) participants in our programs can drop their children off with our highly-qualified childcare staff so that they can attend treatment.

  • Woman Tie-Die
  • “This place is a community. It’s a place to get clean, but also a community. And that’s especially important for addicts, since many of us got into drugs looking for a community. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and feeling understood and accepted both by other people who are also in recovery, and also by the THS staff.”