Mental Health Services

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Participants are assessed by clinically trained staff to ascertain a mental health diagnosis
  • THS mental health clinicians partner with participants to develop a treatment plan that addresses the participant’s individual needs
  • THS mental health clinicians determine if the participant needs a referral to other services THS has to offer
  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling
  • THS mental health clinicians address the appropriate modality of counseling the participant needs
  • Counseling services and the frequency of such services are addressed at assessment
  • THS provides group counseling for adult participants that address the following:
  1. Anxiety/Depression
  2. Access to Community Support Services
  3. Drop-In Group
  4. Seeking Safety Group
  5. Grief and Loss
  6. Medication Management
  7. WRAP Groups
  • Case Management
  • THS mental health clinicians assess critical needs like housing
  • THS mental health clinicians advocates for participants and partners with other agencies the participant is involved in
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • THS psychiatric staff assesses and prescribes psychiatric evaluations for participants who need psychiatric medications
  • Medication Management
  • Children's Assessment and Treatment
  • Children's School-based Intervention
  • Services like counseling and case management are provided through outreach to and engagement with the participant’s school.
  • Woman Thinking
  • “I strongly suggest that if you or someone you know has a serious mental disorder, PLEASE seek help from THS and stick with it!  […]  I highly recommend THS...  I cannot seem to thank them enough!  Keep up the good work Therapeutic Health Services! You helped to save my life!”