Oletha’s Story

Oletha moved to Seattle from Detroit. Unemployed, she struggled to get help from DSHS and the Division of Vocational Services. Although she has many professional certifications, including an Associates’ Degree and a Phlebotomy Certification and she is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), she was unable to find a job.

In 2009, the YWCA referred Oletha to THS. She walked to THS in the snow and found that the agency was closed due to the severe snowstorm, but a THS counselor saw her anyway. While at THS, she received counseling for her PTSD from her years in the Army and her abusive childhood. She also entered the Vocational Services Program at THS. Kristina, her Vocational Specialist helped Oletha look for a job, helped her write a resume, and gave her tips on how to present herself. Oletha says, “Kristina didn’t back down or give up. She really encouraged me. And she treated me like a person.”

She had been without a job for 9 months before Kristina helped her find a job at Ross Dress For Success. “Once I did get the job, Kristina was still there. She checks on my well-being.” Because Oletha is ambitious and is constantly looking for ways to advance, Kristina is helping her develop a career plan. She wants to work in management and eventually find a job at a hospital in medical records or as a nutritionist. “I’m thankful to God. Even though this is not the job I want right now, I’m thankful to be working where I can use my skills of ambition, dedication, and motivation.”

“I’m thankful I came to THS and that I have Kristina to be there for me.”