Integrated Cognative Therapies Program

We know that the coincidence of mental health disorders and substance use disorders is profound so anticipate that THS expertise in this area will take on greater importance in our community. We have recently taken the lessons learned from our 4 years of work with ENCOMPASS and the University of Colorado at Denver (a Project in which THS completed the successful first national implementation of a new Evidence Based Practice and exceeded the outcomes of clinical trials). And in May 2014, we opened the THS Integrated Cognitive Therapies Program (ICTP). The evolution of the ICTP, allows THS to provide Evidence Based Cognitive Therapies (in the context of Motivational Enhancement) to a wider age group and to address behavioral health concerns that go beyond Co-Occurring Disorders. With a target population beyond the original age limits of 13-25 years old, and admitting individuals whose chief concern is a mood or anxiety disorder, we enhance access to expert Cognitive Therapy for those who may have insurance, but have not previously been eligible for our program.