Support THS and GiveBIG on May 3!



As you may have experienced, GiveBIG and Giving Days across the country were challenged by issues with the donation platform resulting in an inability to access donation platforms which impacted our THS page. Given these factors, the Seattle Foundation is extending GiveBIG through midnight today – Wednesday May slow to load.


To make your GiveBIG donation you can do so online, or by calling (206) 622-2294


We thank you for your patience and willingness to support Therapeutic Health Services.


Youth in our community are struggling. More than 16% of young people in King County report having suicidal thoughts in the last 12 months. 1 in 8 area youth say they use alcohol or other drugs “excessively.” The number of homeless students in King County rose by more than 19% in the past 5 years. These problems appear at even higher rates among children of color and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

When is GiveBIG?

GiveBIG 2016 will be on May 3, 2016, from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time). During these 24 hours, all donations made qualify for ‘stretch’ funds as well as additional fun prizes such as the ‘Golden Ticket”.

What will my donation support?

Your donation will help support our Youth and Family Services programs, these include critical services that reach more than 1,000 of the most vulnerable youth in our community.

Do I need to specifically donate on May 3?

This year, The Seattle Foundation is opening the gates early with the ability for donor’s to pledge their donations beginning on April 18! These pledges will not be processed until the early morning of May 3, so be sure to mark you pledge in your ledger so as to not be caught off guard when the pledge processes.  Best of all, the funds pledged & processed from April 18 through May 3 still qualify for the ‘S-T-R-E-T-C-H’ funds!

The stretch fund bonus donation depends on (1) the size of the ‘stretch’ pool raised by The Seattle Foundation and (2) how much is raised in total donations processed on behalf of THS on May 3.

Each donation made also gets entered for fun prizes such as the Golden Ticket – this is a chance for your donation to receive an additional $1,000 on GiveBIG day. Throughout the day on May 3, donors will be chosen at random from the online donations made through to have an additional $1,000 given to the nonprofit that received their donation while the individual who made the winning donation receives a prize (previous years have seen these prizes range from round-trip airline tickets to $100 Starbucks gift cards).

Where can I find Therapeutic Health Services dedicated donation page?

By simply clicking HERE.