We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the Encompass program for the assistance it has provided our family.

We had seen a drastic decline in our son’s behavior that had us concerned. His grades dropped, he quit playing sports, most of his friends were using. Eventually, he was caught at school with marijuana paraphernalia and this put him in the juvenile justice system as well as in need of a drug/alcohol evaluation. We went to the standard program, received the evaluation result and enrolled our son in a one time a week class. He continued using so they increased the class time to 3 times a week with family sessions on Wednesdays. During this time the counselor talked about how programs like these had a 10% success rate the first time around. We decided it was not the program for our family and we reached out for something different. After researching drug use in teens with co-occurring disorders, we came across the ENCOMPASS™ program. The best part that appealed to me as a parent was that it was an evidence-based program. We have driven up every week from Olympia because there is no program treating adolescents with substance use and mental health issues in the South Sound area. It is amazing the help and support we have received and most importantly, our son feels like he is supported and the staff understand him.

It is so encouraging to see the progress that has been made by our child and the improvements our family is making.

  • He is communicating in a way that shows he is starting to understand himself better.
  • His frustration is decreasing.
  • We did not have to fight with him to get appointments; he went voluntarily all the way to
  • Seattle each week. Before this we could not get him to go to therapy appointments.
  • Our home is a little less stressful and more functional communication is happening.
  • He is voluntarily taking medication to manage some of his ADHD symptoms.
  • His effort in school has improved.

ENCOMPASS™ has been different from the other treatment program in several ways. First and most importantly, it takes the whole child into account, not just the drug use. The program is designed not to be punitive. This has been critical to our son’s improvement because he does not respond favorably to punishment. The cognitive behavioral therapists worked so well with my son as his level. He never felt they were frustrated with him or any negativity whatsoever. He has struggled with engaging in pro- social activities and taking medication throughout the program and those involved with our son never got frustrated or gave up on him. This is not a cookie cutter program doing the same thing for 20 years. This is something new and different and it is improving the quality of life for my son and our family and will have a lasting impact on us all. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have provided my son and our family. We are eternally grateful you are here.