Curdesia’s Story


CurDesia Hudson, a bright and charismatic high school senior with a ready smile, is a high achiever who recently published her first book and was accepted to Coastal Carolina University. Given her successes, it’s hard to believe that just two years ago she was struggling.

When she was 15, she was referred to THS’ Wraparound Program because of family dysfunction and communication issues, and eventually wound up homeless. She suffered from depression and self harm. She also was involved with the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, a multi-agency collaboration designed to reduce youth violence and help young people get back on track. CurDesia says that before she came to THS, she felt she didn’t have a voice and was afraid to ask for help. She says, “I like my therapist- she’s really awesome. She’s a mentor.”

Esther, CurDesia’s counselor at THS and Frankie Roe, her mentor at the Young Urban Authors’ program, both encouraged her to write. She has been writing since she was in 3rd grade and says that “writing has been a huge refuge from everything that’s gone on in my life. It’s been an amazing journey for me. Writing has always been the one thing that I’ve turned to. It’s helped be able to find my voice.”

CurDesia’s first book of poetry, called Wrote this because of you, was recently published through the Young Urban Authors’ program. “I wrote the book because I wanted somebody who was struggling like I was to know that they’re not alone. There were a lot of times in my life when I felt that no one understood me, but my writing always understands everything I put into it.”

Since beginning counseling at THS, CurDesia found housing at YouthCare, a local nonprofit that provides outreach, basic services, emergency shelter, housing, counseling, education, and employment training for at-risk and homeless youth. She’s earned college credits through Running Start, and plans to study marine biology in college.  CurDesia developed an interest in science when she studied for a month at UC Santa Cruz as part of Upward Bound Math & Science, a nationwide -program designed to strengthen the math and science skills of participating students. She enjoyed this experience and says it strengthened her desire to become a marine biologist.

In addition to writing, CurDesia likes to travel, sing, dance, take photos, read, go camping and hiking, and hang out with her sisters (ages 4 and 6). She loves going to church.

She says that “now I own the fact that I am who I am. I love and respect myself. I’ve grown so much over the last couple of years.”

CurDesia’s book Wrote this because of you is available through